Jaipur – The Pink City

After about a four hour drive from Tordi we arrive into this insane whirlwind called Jaipur with our Brahmin driver Shem from Jaipur who doesn’t eat meat, or drink alcohol or anything except smoke. 

“Smoking is good for your health,” he says.

Really funny guy with a wicked sense of humour and who spoke a little Italian too which he decided to teach me in his strong Hindi accent.

From the quiet and romantic desert and straight into this circus where every thing imaginable travels on the same streets, cars, trucks, tuktuks, bicycles, camels, elephants, dogs, pigs, pigeons, of course people…constant beeping and hooting or the world might end tomorrow…

Our hotel was quite lovely but Siobhan’s and my room was on the other end of the planet. Price you pay for getting the best room in the desert palace 🙂 
Mrignayani Palace was built a bit like the Marigold, a maze of stairways, rooms, balconies and rooftops. We were greeted with falling petals, blessings and sweet lassi 🙂

I felt uneasy as we drove in felt I was ripped from some deep special place and then just thrown into a circus! A little street girl even smacked me on my knee because I refused to give her money and I got so mad but then chatting to Siobhan and Anna I realised the desperation of the child and it’s not for me to be angry with her…at all!

So after a quick shower and a little bit of chill out time, we went to see “Cocktail” in Bollywood style and there is no resemblance to the Tom Cruise classic.

It’s about about an Indian playboy living in London whose mother wants him married off yesterday. She rocks up to London unannounced while he is dating this beautiful and wild photographer chic. Her roommate is played by a new actress on the Bollywood screens who plays the typical, beautiful, sensible and traditionally Indian roommate who he pretends to be engaged to just to throw his mother off his back while she is in London.

Who does he end up falling in love with? The traditional Indian girl – welcome to India!!

The movie has brought up a lot of debate and a great piece written by a writer called Narendra Modi called Home Truths on Career Wives talking about how the traditional view of women is still so deeply rooted. That she is better off making you chapattis and chai, rather than having independence. The country home girl who has been wrongly taught that submission is the way for woman is the woman you want to bring home to the family.

Think the movie would have been a thousand times better if he did end up choosing the wild vixen who even abandoned her wild ways and started wearing saris and making chapattis….and yet she still wasn’t good enough or traditional enough?

(Nita and I always have these discussions about the role of women in India and I think the topic deserves it’s own post…coming soon!!)

Anyway, it was actually quite a wicked experience, on the balcony with popcorn and sprite while the audience roared and cheered when the sexy scenes were on screen…

Just the actors and actresses are enough to keep you glued to the screen…and the music was wicked too! Even though there were no subtitles, we got the gist of it in no time and many of us got really into it!

Then during the interval we just left and went for dinner for some south Indian food! Was quite an ordeal for Anna, our German soon to be a psychology uni student – just to leave in the middle of the movie even though the plot was predictable. Apparently some people in the group wanted to leave, so why mr. Harish didn’t you just let us split up?

All good, I heard that the second half is really crap anyway!! We saw the best bit!

A few of us namely Emily, Siobhan, Anna and Harish and I decided the night was still young so we grabbed the vodka that was left from the train and some coke and headed for the rooftop for our own little party. We played music off my phone, used my lighter-torch as a disco light while the rest of Jaipur was going to sleep.

We just lay there playing music and looking up at the sky which wasn’t as clear as Tordi, but beautiful all the same..while the desert wind danced with us…

I came down and lay on these outdoor beds and woke up at 2:30 am…wonderful!!

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