Nimaj Bargh

At the bus station in Jaipur
We say sleepy goodbyes to the group going back to Delhi by train while seven of us plus our guide go to the bus station headed for Nimaj.

Was quite sad to say bye to my roomie, really enjoyed her company. Ten years between us and honestly felt like we were the same age. Don’t know if that means I am immature for a 33 year-old, or she is mature for a 23 year old or age is just how you feel…Think I’ll go with the third one!

Shem, our Italian-speaking Jaipuri driver drove us to the station and on the way we drove through the usual crowded streets and as we were coming past a flock of pigeons on the road, one didn’t fly away and we could just feel the bump of its body crush under the van.

Shem gave me this look of utter disbelief and guilt like he just murdered a pigeon, oh wait he did!
I thought he was going to start crying, and I tried to console him and he said “But I am Brahmin!”

Which meant it was like the worse sin to kill something! He said after he drops us he is going straight to the temple to ask for forgiveness and for the pigeon’s soul to leave freely. Poor guy, I didn’t think of it but I was carrying some Ganga water from Varanasi that apparently would have really helped with the forgiveness and blessings…will know for next time!

I wondered over to this bookshop while we were waiting at the station looking for something (not like I was carrying not carrying enough already) and Harish wondered over and shows me this book called ‘The Immortals of Meluha‘ by Amish with a muscular picture of the back of Shiva holding his trident.

“Shiva is ‘shakti’ or power, Shiva is the destroyer, the most powerful god of the Hindu pantheon and one of the godheads in the Hindu Trinity.  –

“Shiva is one in whom the Universe ‘sleeps’ in a boundless void after destruction, before re-birth and during its existence. Shiva is therefore “eternal and purest”. Thus Shiva is The Reality. Shiva is therefore also The Consciousness (frees from the bonds of mortal desires); Shiva is The Bliss (roots out sin and fear); Shiva is Auspicious (makes the earth religious and an abode of safety and peace).” – Wikipedia

He insists I buy it, says he thinks its important and reluctantly I do. But once opened , I just swam through it like a fresh water dolphin in the Ganga 🙂 Really made my day, been a while since a book caught my fancy and this was perfect! It’s fact and fiction about the story of how Shiva evolved to his legendary God-like status but told in his voice as a young man. All Indian history and legend are weaved into it and the writing is quite poetic.

So we get on this bus for four hours or more because I think I remember us being stuck somewhere for a while. Then at some point, these two women sitting behind us start blabbing non-stop and eating!

Pool at Rawal Bagh

Then all of a sudden we hear “laaaahhhhh” like someone puking and of course this mama was! Goodness, was so gross, and then when the smell got released we nearly died. Lord, then she carried on eating and puking, eating and puking and then Harish said he heard her saying she was running out of plastic bags but luckily the bus stopped in time and we could get the heck out of there!

We then jumped into our own minibus and took off to Nimaj – a tiny little village bordering Jodhpur and we were staying at the royal family’s summer house decked out with a pool and mango orchards called Rawla Bagh.

Beautiful children in Nimaj village

We took off in these cool Mahindra jeeps to a temple where I got stung by two bees who also died. One pigeon and two bees all in one day!! It was freaking painful, I have to admit and they stung me where I burnt my hand in Yorkshire before I left England!
We walked through the village and then drove to a ravine to chill out and drink some chai. I drove one of the jeeps halfway back and it felt so right…me driving a jeep through the desert in my green bandana just connecting with earth…I like!

Nimaj and Tordi remind me of Kenya like when we take off to Naivasha or Athi River…same same but different!

Came back for a beautiful dinner, the food here was the best I tasted on this 19 day overland tour collaborating with a cool travel company called RVentures. We took a dip in the pool before and after dinner, helped along with a few G&Ts and it was time for bed..ready for yet another adventure tomorrow to the Blue city – Jodhpur.

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