The Blue City – Jodhpur

View from the fort of Jodhpur

After about a three hour journey we arrive in Jodhpur. It lies on the edge of the Thar Desert and is home to the Meherangarh Fort – one of the largest forts in India. It is built on a rocky ridge in the middle of the town and run by the Maharaja of Jodhpur.

We arrive at this this lovely house run by this beautiful woman with silver hair and very regal who again is related to royalty. We eat a quick lunch and jump into our van headed for the fort.

IT IS BOILING HOT by the way!! These monsoons we were told about have still not come and the air is thick with humidity and its just boiling! Honestly, the extreme heat here in India is one I have not experienced before…and today was one of those +46/47C days!

We get to this magnificent fort where you can see the entire blue city below, all painted my favourite turquoise lilac blue….stunning!

Then we get handed these audio tour things and sent on our way in the insane heat. We walked through this extremely huge fort, walls with intricate paintings and beautifully designed courtyards. There are seven gates and the museum is one of the most well furnished in the country.

So for an hour or so we are listening to stories about fort that has a lot of hills and stairs. So at one point we all look at each other and said f**k this, it’s too hot! Let’s go get some ice cream, enough is enough!

 Meherangarh Fort

It’s amazing that a lot of Bollywood movies are filmed here and that even a few scenes from The Dark Knight Rises were filmed here…it was just too bloody hot to breathe let alone appreciate this colossal architectural masterpiece.

Harish was so shocked to see us back so soon…even the guards thought we might have not realised there was this entire building whole section we missed…but we said we knew we might be missing the Fort of the century but we were done, done and done!!

After our cold coffees and ice cream we get back to our cosy air conditioned rooms and guess what, there is no power and no generator! woohoo!! Luckily it came back half an hour later and all peace was restored.

James, Danielle, Anna and Emily all went to watch a movie and I spent my time writing in my room…

The next morning, Emily, Harish and I were going for a morning stroll through the village of blue…I couldn’t leave without going through this beautiful blueness painted everywhere…

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