Romance in Udaipur – City of lakes

Don’t get too excited, the love affair that happened in Udaipur was with the place itself – it is known as one of India’s most romantic cities and I concur!Dotted with majestic palaces where the lake palace sits like a white pearl gleaming day and night.

As we were driving into the city, there was a very cool vibe wafting through. It was very clean, well organised, and full of colourful shops and restaurants.

Saw the most tourists than any other place we had been to and that felt strange for all of us!

It is the monsoon season and not a time for tourists, so we got to immerse in the local culture and people!

But one could not help but be swept up in the excitement the city exuded.

Something romantic mixed with a dreamy feel!

We had a couple of hours to chill and then it was time to watch some real Rajasthani dancing, not the nonsense we were subjected to in Jaipur!!

We arrived at this crowded courtyard near the water and I managed to get a place in the front and it was definitely a quality performance!

This one mama probably in her fifties and shapely stole the show with her ridiculous ability to balance 5/6 makri type gourd thingies on her head while dancing, bending and doing all sorts of crazy gyrations!
A puppet show was of course included and it was wicked…thank goodness!
I left this red puppet in Jodhpur that one of those “yellow-submarine” singing dudes “gave” me as a present and then somehow managed to make me pay for!
I thought I lost my favourite kikoi/scarf and Harish had the event organiser’s running around looking and nothing. But as luck would have it, Emily had found it and as she and the others had done with my knack of dropping my bits and bobs all over.
Really have enjoyed spending time with everyone on this overland tour and will miss the feeling belonging to a group with a wicked connection…I could not have asked for anything more from these past three weeks over Nepal to India on the road to Delhi.
I do have to make a special mention of our gentle and patient guide Harish because people do make all the difference and he made sure everything went not only smoothly but specially!
We didn’t need to do any thinking just had to follow his instructions and we got from A to B to C and even to W in my case but with no hitches.
So here’s to wonderful people in the planet and a big thank you our paths have crossed and magic has been created…

Back in Udaipur... we had a gentle dinner in a cool outdoorsy restaurant that had wifi so needless to say, a lot of us were grabbing the opportunity to be connected with the outside world – so the dinner conversation was less than interesting!!

Emily didn’t have a phone or a laptop and as the youngest she was strangely enough the most gadget-free!

I had an interesting night, slept at 3am because I had to face up to certain realities about myself and about this journey I am on. I finally voiced my desire to walk this road of India solo and walk it unbounded and barefoot…

I am still trying to get a grip on this whole blogging thing and how much of me I am willing to share!

But the romantic city of Udaipur and her lake was reflecting those same facets of my life –
bringing things to the surface for me to face on this important journey I am making in my mother’s land…

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