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Our train to Delhi was in the evening so we had the whole day to potter around and I was supposed to go horse riding with Emily in the morning but things got delayed and I decided not to go and so did she…but don’t think she was too happy about that!

We spent a long while again in the Rajasthan desert heat looking for an ATM that worked. 
We drove to the not so exciting bazaar with beautiful Gopalji … really just meltingly beautiful from inside out and I reckon a lot of foreign women must hit on him ridiculously. An older gentleman and just that, a Rajasthani gentleman who was our main driver/guide…
Finally tried some of the big red berries they sell on the streets called jamun and realised I have eaten them before back home. Makes your mouth all sticky and funny…

Anna and I did a trip in an auto to the main bazaar (they say bajar here, z is j, so zoo sounds like jew and zero is jeero)!

“Jamun is indigenous to India.  Its tree is tall and evergreen.  Therefore It is generally grown as avenue tree or as wind break.  Though the fruits are liked by all and sell at a high price, but it is still not grown as an orchard tree.  Jamun is found all over India.


Then we all just passed out, one by one… the beginning of the end or for me the end of the beginning ….

Had lunch with Anna and Harish, who was out of sorts with a wobbly tummy, chilled for a bit and it was time to get our butts off to the station for our 12 hour train journey back to Delhi for one more night before this extremely wonderful trip came to an end…

We were all looking forward to exploring all the wonderful places to visit in Delhi.

We were also told that there were numerous beautiful hotels to stay at in Delhi, I forgot to ask Harish the name of ours. I guess I would find out when I got there.
Our train ride was nowhere as near as fun as the first one from Varanasi to Agra. We were all sort of separated. 
Andrew, Shirmeen and Harish were in different cars and the five of us split in two cabins. 
Emily and I were in one with four other dudes. 
I read my wonderful book on Shiva while the other’s watched Casino with Joe Pesci swearing his ass off through the entire cabin but didn’t seem to bother anyone…
For a pleasant stay there are numerous Delhi hotels, cottages, restaurants, service apartments, resorts and guest house available ranging from budget to luxurious.
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